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Yep, This is me...

Well, I gave up the beard for now.

And I used to have more hair!

My mom & I 08/05/99

Hers comes off 08/25/99

Mine comes off 08/24/99 (I got PINS...Stupid Cat!!!)



My thoughts as words A collection written with a broken heart.

Personal Interests

I started in photography when I was in elementary school & still enjoy all aspects of this hobby. I have a digital camera & am now experimenting with the more modern version of this hobby.
I like comedy, sci fi and some drama. Star Trek still rules. My home theater has surround sound and a Blu-Ray player. The display is a 47 inch Panasonic HD. I have about 150 movies on Laser Disk & keep adding more. Now I'm into DVD and have about 600 movies so far.
Tropical Fish
I have a 55 gal tank in the living room with about 2 fish in it. I need to add more fish!
Besides my home brew PC, I also design and program dedicated micros. I spend most of my computer time in the mornings watching the news while I drink my coffee check the Internet and play solitare. My latest project has been learning PicChips.
Amateur Radio
As radio operator KB0RAE I spend most of my on air time with local friends.
I have always been interested in mechanical clocks, so I've started collecting. It will be done slowly over time. I have a Schotz 400 day I just put a new hair spring into (the clock was a birthday present from my father many years ago), a Tradition with Westminster chimes (bought from a pawn shop in Feb 1999), a Cuckoo clock given to me by my grandmother I repaired with a piece of plastic cut from a credit card! (7 leaves-3 birds), and my new Sligh grandfather clock, a Strausbourg Manor wall chime clock. Click here for pictures.
I (like most people) will someday be rich!?! I plan to buy an airplane and learn to fly. I've been looking at UltraLites and know about FAR-103 rules. If I get lucky...
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Please send me mail telling me what you think about this page and how I might improve it.

I now have my comments in separate pages.

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