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Sligh Grandfather Clock Grandfather clock face

This is my new Sligh with Triple chimes. This is a clock I've wanted for most of my life. I gave it to me just because of my love for clocks. I spent many hours on many days looking (and drooling) in the 'Tick Tock Shop' before I picked this one. With a major purchase like this, one must not JUMP at the first one. I looked on the internet and in other local shops and found this one for about 50% of retail. I have had it now for about 6 years and still think of it as the best thing I have ever bought. I love the oak cabinet, the moon dial, double doors and beveled glass. The bottom door has a lock on it and I keep my Furby in the clock! (After all, this is MY Furby and I want it to be in good shape for my grandkids.) I am glad I waited until I could get the one I wanted instead of buying one of lesser value. And now that I really am a grandfather, it makes even more sense to have it.

Cuckoo Clock

This is my Cuckoo clock. It has 3 birds and 7 leaves with an 8 day movement. The chains have been shortened and it will only run for about 6 days now. It was given to me by my Grandmother. It is from the Black Forest in Germany. It keeps time best in the winter when the humidity is low. The wood link on the pendulum gets longer in the high humidity of summer and changes the timekeeping of the clock. The ratchet on the left chain was broken when I got it. I fixed it with a small piece cut out of a plastic card. Then about 2 weeks later I bought the part from the 'Tick-Tock Shop' and will put it in when needed.

Schatz 400 day clock

This is a picture of my 400 day Schatz. (This picture is not of my clock, but is the same model as mine.) This was a birthday gift from my father about 17 years ago. My father bought this clock when I was in grade school. I got it running about 5 years ago after replacing the hair spring. I must say that this clock has been very hard to get to keep good time. But after about 6 months of 'tweaking' I think I got it!

Tradition Wall Clock

This is labeled Tradition from Western Germany. I bought this clock from a pawn shop. It only needed miner work to get it running. It has Westminester chimes and keeps very good time. There is a chip on the top right trim, and I lost the piece before I could get it glued back on, Bummer...


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