Picture of Nala the cat!

This is Nala, Rhiannon's cat. Rhiannon is my oldest daughter. Nala beats up on my youngest daughters can BellaDonna just for the fun on it. We have 3 cats and the fish.



This is Mesa, my daughter Brandy's cat. She loves people and spends a lot of time on my lap when I'm at my computer. She is a complete 'Spaz' and runs through the house at full speed. She likes to chase (tease) 'Shadow' (my daughter Brittany's cat), but Shadow is about 3 times her weight and usually wins any battle!

Well she has now outgrown sitting on my lap. In 1999 she got on top af a speaker on the wall in the living room & when I tried to get her down, I fell off the chair and broke my wrist. Nice thing about being in the hospital is the room service. I hope she outgrows getting on the fish tanks, speaker and other things. She gets along well with BellaDonna and they play alot. She still likes to get on my lap at times, mostly when I'm at my computer or watching TV.


This is 'Shadow' (my daughter Brittany's cat) He lives with my X. I don't think he has been drinking any more beer! This was a fun picture to make. He is SO relaxed all the time.


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