Up and Down


I've been riding the roller coaster of life

The view as you climb that first hill is of blue sky

There may be a few clouds around

Mayby you can see a few shapes there

As you come over the crest, the horizon fills your sight

Skyscrapers, rivers, streets, lights, ant like people

Your heart is filled with joy and excitement

Your head is pounding ready for the un-known

Speed starts to pick up as you begin the downhill run

Gravity loses it grip on you for the time being, you feel weightless

Then you hit the bottom and find out that gravity can intensify

The blood rushes from your head and your cheeks pull down to your knees

Your hands and arms are too heavy to lift, you're pinned

As the ride levels out a bit, all you feel is joy, anticipation of the next hill

For some of us the thrill of the first hill is all that is needed to make the ride

But for others, as each hill moves into the past, we only want more

The ride will end for us all, it only matters if the ride of life gave you all the needed thrills

Or did you leave this ride still wanting more