MicroSoft.... What can I say. I hate the way they think I don't care if I get a POP-UP with every click. This showed up in my InterNet Explorer a while back (after an up-date) and I don't know how to get rid of it.

Yes, it does POP up with every click when I'm on a secure site.

I looked this up on the internet and found out if you have any VISTA better that the version I have you can turn this off. Since I only have Home Premium, I am at the mercy of Microsoft who is laughing at me because I won't buy Windows7.

Microsoft removed support for E-Mail POP3 from Windows 7 which is why I will not buy into it. I only use POP3 for my email.

Windows7 is a backward step... And turning on the above popup only makes me use a different browser than Internet Explorer which I used to like.

Thanks Microsoft for making my Internet Explorer un-useable.

PS Does Windows really need an up-date every week or is it just an attemt by Microsoft employee's to look busy. Since this problem was caused by an up-date, I belive up-dates are NOT needed and WILL cause problems.

Steve Renfrow former Microsoft Internet Explorer user.

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